November 5 - 8, 2017 | Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bleach Plant Operations Workshop

8:00am - 4:00pm (separate registration fees required)

Instructor:  Brian N. Brogdon, Future Bridge Consulting Services, LLC 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of modern pulp bleaching technology. This year’s offering will be an updated version of 2015’s workshop, which received favorable reviews from all of the mill and supplier representatives who participated. The program will include detailed discussions of bleach plant equipment and design. 

The workshop is designed for bleach plant operators and engineers, paper company environmental engineers, and research, technical sales, and service personnel from paper companies, chemical suppliers and equipment suppliers. Participants will come away with a broad understanding of pulp bleaching technology and its implications for pulp properties and environmental management.

Don’t miss this opportunity to update your knowledge of bleaching technology and discuss bleach plant operating problems with experts in the field. You will return home with information and materials that you can put to work immediately.

Brown Stock Washing Workshop

8:00am - 4:00pm (separate registration fees required)

Instructor:  Robert (Bobby) Wilson, Senior Research Chemist, AMS (Applied Material Solutions)

This one day pre-conference workshop will provide basic operating and design principles associated with brown stock washing. 

The fundamental applications of displacement, extraction, and dilution washing will be investigated. Water use and reuse will be topically discussed. Vacuum drum washers will be used as the basis for this course because they present the opportunity to review all three types of washing. 

Efforts will be made to explain how the operating principles associated with vacuum drum washers may be successfully applied to more modern washer and washing devices. Washing optimization, economics, and troubleshooting techniques will be discussed. 

Participants will be exposed to standard brown stock washing calculations designed to characterize washer performance and to document improvement.

Best Practices for Small Projects Workshop

8:00am - 12:00pm (separate registration fees required)

Hosted by Independent Project Analysis Inc. (IPA) 
Instructor:  To be announced

Complete workshop description to be announced.

Lime Kiln & Recaust: Process and Mechanical Overview Workshop 

9:00am – 2:00pm

Member rate = $175
Nonmember = $205

I. Introduction, Overview and Presenter Introductions (5 min.) Presenter – Kimmo Peltonen

     1. Kimmo Peltonen – Manager Chemical Systems Upgrades
     2. Lindsay Brandino – Chemical Systems Product Engineer
     3. Don Glass – Chemical Systems Project Manager
     4. Todd Lewick – Chemical Systems Product Engineer
     5. Steve Weinle – Chemical Systems Field Service Engineer
     6. Andrew Wisner – Chemical Systems Product Engineer

II. Burners, Cyclones, Flash Dryers, Feed End Equipment, and Upgrades (65 min.) Presenters – Lindsay Brandino, Todd Lewick

10 minute Break

III. Lime Kiln (75 min.) Presenters – Don Glass/Andrew Wisner
     1. Routine inspections – Daily/Weekly/Monthly
     2. Major Outage Inspections
     3. Typical Issues
          a) Excessive thrusting
          b) Misalignment
          c) Component cracking
          d) Excessive lubrication
          e) Loss of refractory near supports
          f) Etc.
     4. Non-outage inspections
          a) Kiln Alignment
          b) Interpretation of data

30 Minute Lunch Break

IV. Lime Kiln And Recaust Process (90 min.) Presenters – Kimmo Peltonen/Steve Weinle
     1. Process overview
     2. Typical process issues
     3. General Question and Answers