Environmental Track

October 28 - 31, 2018 | Portland, Oregon | Technical Solutions for Today and Beyond

Environmental Track – PEERS 2018

The purpose of this track is to identify and address new environmental issues affecting mills such as residual nutrients in wastewater and NPDES permit renewals, two areas that have a large effect on regulations and technical capabilities. 

This track will help attendees make decisions that help improve productivity and reduce costs. Sessions are designed to address actual challenges mill teams face each day.  Presentations will focus on new or developing technologies and case studies and include Q&A to engage attendees.

Presentations topics include membrane treatment technology, phosphorus removal technologies for pulp and paper wastewater treatment plants, Venturi injection for pulp and paper mills, impact of wood species on biomass combustion, reduction of particulate and NOx emissions from Kraft Recovery Boilers using catalytic filtration technology, factors impacting CO and NOx emissions on biomass-fired stoker boilers, reuse of CO2 in pulp mills, methanol shift from a waste byproduct to a valuable fuel, and a comparison of three approaches to dewatering sludge. 

Additional discussions include a summary of the implications of carbon tax legislation to the pulp and paper industry, a review of the Oregon Air Toxics Program, and NCASI's long term receiving stream study.

Why Should You Attend?

Participants will better understand the regulatory issues facing the industry and how these issues affect them directly, both financially and operationally. Participants will also learn new methods for addressing residual nutrients in wastewater.

Who Should Attend?

Learning Outcomes for Attendees?

  1.   Identify how new environmental regulations will affect operations as well as have a financial impact
  2.   Address issues and develop solutions for wastewater treatment
  3.   Understand what factors affect CO and NOx emissions
  4.   Learn the various approaches for dewatering sludge

Which Environmental Sessions will be Held?

*ERR - Engineering, Power & Recovery, Recaust, and Lime Kiln Session

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