Pulping and Bleaching Track

October 28 - 31, 2018 | Portland, Oregon | Technical Solutions for Today and Beyond

Pulping and Bleaching Track – PEERS 2018

This track is organized by the Alkaline Pulping and Bleaching Committee 

This committee focuses on the process of alkaline pulping and related chemical recovery and regeneration, fiberizing, washing, screening, and other operations prior to stock preparation; the methods and apparatus for other operations such as fibrous raw materials preparation, bleaching, effluent treatment, and recovery of chemical products to the extent that these specifically influence or are influenced by the pulping processes. The investigation and dissemination of knowledge relating to the delignification and/or brightening of pulps of all yield ranges (other than for chemical conversion) by means of one or more chemical treatments; the preparation and evaluation of delignification and bleaching agents and solutions, and the developments of test methods relating to these processes. The investigation and dissemination of knowledge relating to the efficient supply, preparation, handling and storage of woody fiber raw material (including wood waste fuel) for other pulp, paper and paperboard industry.

Attendees are invited to attend the Alkaline Pulping and Bleaching Committee Meeting at PEERS and learn more about the activities of this committee and how to get involved in the planning of future conference programs.

The Alkaline Pulping and Bleaching Committee meeting will be held on Sunday, October 28th from 4:00pm - 5:00pm.


The purpose of the Alkali Pulping and Bleaching track is to disseminate new developments in the production of alkali pulp, and present information on means of optimizing the process and address operational issues.

Presentations will cover the latest developments in oxidative pulping, brown stock monitoring and efficiency enhancements, bleach plant optimization, bleaching chemical utilization and production, oxygen delignification performance, and the impact and control of non-process elements.

A panel will discuss chip supply and quality issues in the Pacific Northwest. A second panel will review the value and use of TAPPI’s Technical Information Papers (TIPS).

Why Should You Attend?

Participants will understand the latest developments in the alkali pulp and bleaching process, process enhancement that could be applicable to their manufacturing process and solutions to a number of issues that can negatively impact the efficiency, reliability and profitability of their operation.

Who Should Attend?

Learning Outcomes for Attendees?

  1.   Identify opportunities to optimize the alkali pulp and bleaching process.
  2.   Address issues and develop solutions to operational issues.
  3.   Optimize process parameters to minimize production costs and maximize profitability.

Which Alkali Pulping and Bleaching Sessions will be Held?


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