Recycling Track

October 28 - 31, 2018 | Portland, Oregon | Technical Solutions for Today and Beyond

Recycling Track – PEERS 2018

This track is organized by the Fiber Recycling Committee

The Committee promotes the use of recycled fibers by serving as the means for a full and free exchange of technical information relating to the procurement, storage, processing, bleaching and other treatment of recycled fibers to produce a usable pulp.

Attendees are invited to attend the Fiber Recycling Committee Meeting at PEERS and learn more about the activities of this committee and how to get involved in the planning of future conference programs.

The Fiber Recycling Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 30th from 1:30pm - 2:30pm.


The purpose of the Recycling Track is to disseminate new developments in the production of recycled pulp, and present real-world applications that help optimize the process, address operational issues and minimize production costs. Mills often experience problems with recycling pulp, including stickies and trash.

This track will help attendees understand the methods of dealing with operational issues specific to the recycling process. Presentations will focus on disc filter and cleaner efficiency, along with the use of intelligent cameras to enhance pulp production. Optical properties, stickies, and strength will also be discussed. A panel of subject matter experts will address the detrashing process.

Why Should You Attend?

Participants will understand the latest developments in the pulp recycling process, process enhancements that could be applicable to their manufacturing process and solutions to a number of issues that can negatively impact the efficiency, reliability and profitability of their operation.

Who Should Attend?

Learning Outcomes for Attendees?

  1.   Identify opportunities to optimize your production of recycled pulp.
  2.   Address issues and develop solutions to operational issues.
  3.   Optimize process parameters to minimize production costs and maximize profitability.

Which Recycling Sessions will be Held?


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