State of the Industry

November 1 - 4, 2020 | Atlanta, GA

State of the Industry - Session 2

10:30am - 12:00pm

Monday, October 28, 2019

Presentation 1:  AF& PA Sustainability Update

"Advancing a Sustainable U.S. Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Tissue and Wood Products Manufacturing Industry"

Jerry Schwartz, Senior Director, Energy & Environmental Policy, American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA)

Sustainability Report

Hear how the industry has responded to AF&PA’s Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 sustainability initiative and discover how to help your mill reach its sustainability goals.

The sustainability initiative includes six key goals:

Energy Efficiency - Improve purchased energy efficiency by at least 10%
Paper Recovery for Recycling - Increase paper recovery for recycling to exceed 70%
Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20%
Worker Safety - Improve worker safety incidence rate by 25%, with a vision of achieving zero injuries
Sustainable Forestry - Increase fiber procured from certified forest lands and through certified sourcing programs, and work to reduce illegal logging worldwide
Water Use - Reduce pulp and paper mill water use by at least 12%

Presentation 2: Circular Supply Chain

"A Closed Loop Fiber Future: A Sustainable, Circular Supply Chain"

James Schneider, Sustana Fiber Fox River Facility

Containers and packaging comprise nearly a quarter of the material reaching U.S. landfills. With the expected continued growth in packaging, consumers and sustainable, companies will continue to demand a transition from packaging material disposal to packaging material recycling and re-use. Systemic change to material sourcing of fiber is needed and coming. The breadth of packaging materials made with recycled fibers from post-consumer material continues to expand. Today, food grade packaging made with post-consumer content is growing rapidly.

The shift toward re-use of post-consumer packaging materials for reincorporation into food grade packaging is now a reality as post-consumer packaging materials are emerging as effective, sustainable alternatives.

Hear about some active initiatives to close the loop in fiber-based packaging and near-term opportunities and challenges for further development of a circular supply chain.