November 1 - 4, 2020 | Atlanta, GA


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bleach Plant Operations Workshop

7:30am - 4:00pm 

Lead Instructor:  

Brian N. Brogdon
Future Bridge Consulting Services, LLC 

This highly regarded and informative workshop is designed for bleach plant operators and engineers, environmental engineers, and research, technical sales, and service personnel from paper companies, chemical suppliers and equipment suppliers. Participants will leave with a broad understanding of pulp bleaching technology and its implications for pulp quality control and environmental impacts.

This year’s program includes discussions of operation parameters, process optimization, and newly available technologies and equipment designs. Industry experts from consulting, chemical suppliers and equipment manufacturers will lead discussions about best practices and cutting-edge technologies of bleach plant operations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to update your knowledge of bleaching technology and to discuss bleach plant operating problems with experts in the field. Then, return home equipped with information and materials you can put to work immediately.


Brown Stock Washing Workshop

8:00am - 4:00pm 

  Robert Wilson


Lead Instructor:  

Robert (Bobby) Wilson
Senior Research Chemist
AMS (Applied Material Solutions)

This one-day pre-conference workshop will provide basic operating and design principles associated with brownstock washing. 

The fundamental applications of displacement, extraction, and dilution washing will be investigated. Water use and reuse will be topically discussed. Vacuum drum washers will be used as the basis for this course because they present the opportunity to review all three types of washing. 

Efforts will be made to explain how the operating principles associated with vacuum drum washers may be successfully applied to more modern washer and washing devices. Washing optimization, economics, and troubleshooting techniques will be discussed. 

Participants will be exposed to standard brownstock washing calculations designed to characterize washer performance and to document improvement.

Project Management Workshop

(Organized by InEight)

8:00am - 4:00pm 


Rick Deans
Executive Vice President
Industry Engagement

Workshop Agenda:

1 HOUR: Utilizing Project Controls Software During Outages

  • Learn how project controls software is being utilized by plant owner/operators to improve efficiencies during planned outages by:
    • Developing defensible, norms-based estimates
    • Introducing company-wide standards for estimating processes
    • Implementing company-wide standards for project controls: cost analysis and forecasting
    • Optimizing or replacing difficult to support in-house developed spreadsheets and access databases
    • Better leveraging human resources aligned on a single project platform across multiple outage schedules
    • Pinpoint Estimate Growth by Bridging Budgets back to earlier FEL stages
    • Building a library of historic data for various FEL stages

1 HOUR: Best Practices When Creating Estimates for Plant Work (FEL 1 through FEL 3)

  • Learn how the following variables affect planning and estimating for both Capital and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) projects:
    • Appropriate level of detail while Progressing through pre-defined Staging Gates (FEL 1-3)
    • Project size & scope
    • Contract terms
    • Organizational maturity
    • Breadth & depth of organizational historic data
    • Overall market health
    • Project timing

1 HOUR: Best Practices in Project Controls for O&M and Capital Work (FEL 4 through FEL 7)

  • Learn how industry standard project management techniques can help you to deliver an on-time, under-budget project
    • Earned value, Cost Performance Index & Schedule Performance Index metrics
    • Change management and control
    • Forecasting based on best available information, including contract type
    • The importance of timely information

1 HOUR: Should the Low Bid Always Win?

  • Learn how experience can tell us when the low bid is not necessarily the best bid
    • Apples to apples comparisions
    • Variance from benchmarks
    • Contractor experience
    • Market conditions
    • Pricing that appears to be “too good to be true”

1 HOUR: The Importance of Linking Costs and Schedules for Capital and O&M Work

  • Learn how successful owners mitigate risk by tying cost estimates and schedules together
    • Easily Create Preliminary and Execution (FEL-2, FEL-3) Schedules with marginal effort
    • Time, cost and scope: changes to one of these will affect the other two
    • View costs and resource requirements in a time-phased manner to help avoid conflicts and understand man-power requirements
    • Understand and analyze your capital outlay commitments well ahead of project execution

About the Instructor:

Rick Deans has over 20 years’ experience helping InEight clients reach their business objectives.  Working primarily with InEight’s largest, most strategic customers, Rick has provided consulting on Estimating and Project Controls systems for project owners in the following industries:  Industrial Production, Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure, and Commercial Development.

Rick has developed and implemented software strategies which focus on client needs and desired outcomes.   With an understanding that software is an enabling tool, Rick works closely with his clients to ensure business processes are well-defined, and that the results of software implementations are designed to support fundamental business objectives.

Rick has personally led, and provided management oversight for many of InEight’s largest implementations globally across many industries.

Rick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCLA.  Rick has held numerous positions within the InEight organization dating to 1998.  In addition to helping InEight’s Strategic clients, Rick played a key role in developing InEight’s commercially available, out-of-the-box integration with Oracle’s Primavera scheduling software product.  Rick continues to provide product direction within InEight based on his continued interactions with industry leaders.