Energy, Recovery, Lime Kiln and Recaust (ERLR)

October 30 - November 2, 2022 | Providence, RI

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Energy, Recovery, Lime Kiln and Recaust (ERLR)


The chemical recovery cycle makes kraft pulping economically feasible. Key unit operations including the recovery boiler, recaust plant, lime kiln and power generation have significant impacts on maintaining high mill production rates. The purpose of this year’s sessions and panels are to provide experiences from industrial and academic experts on equipment maintenance, process chemistry and new technologies.

This track will provide participants with both fundamental and practical knowledge on key process areas in a mill, including evaporators, recovery boiler, recaust plant, lime kiln and energy generation. Topics are focused on maximizing the efficiency and throughput of the recovery cycle. Participants can also attend panels for in depth discussions with industry experts.

 Track Schedule

(Program is subject to change.)


Monday, November 8
10:30am - 12:00pm
Session 4: Recovery Boiler Online Analysis

Session Chair: Pasi Miikkulainen, Andritz


Maximizing Recovery Boiler Availability with an Online Ash Analyzer and Ash Balance Advisor

Matti Selkala, Valmet Automation Inc.

Reliable and Fast Method to Measure Carryover in Kraft Recovery Boilers

Heikki Lappalainen, ANDRITZ OY

Development of an Online Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer for the Determination of Kraft Black Liquor

Matthew Tomkins, FPInnovations
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Session 8: Recovery Boiler Uptime

       Session Chair: Chris Jackson, International Paper


Possibilities to Extend Uninterrupted Operations Periods of Kraft Recovery Boilers

Keijo Salmenoja, ANDRITZ Oy 

High Velocity Thermal Spray & Modified Alloys for Sulfidation Mitigation

Kevin Phillips, Integrated Global Service

Black Liquor Spraying Orientation Determination in Kraft Recovery Boiler

Heikki Lappalainen, ANDRITZ OY
Tuesday, November 9
10:30am - 12:00pm
Session 13: Maintenance Issues for Rotary Kilns Panel Discussion

Moderator: J. Peter Gorog, Houghton Cascade Holdings LLC



Andy Knouse, Metso Outotec
Josh Brant, Andritz
Palle Hansen, Valmet

1:30pm - 3:00pm
Session 16: Lime Kiln Operations

Session Chair: Wei Ren, FPInnovations


Improving Lime Recovery Kiln Operation using CFD Modeling

Glenn Hanson, Metso Outotec

Visualization of Multiscale Ring Formation in a Rotary Kiln

Lee Rippon, University of British Columbia   

How do Mud Balls Form in Lime Kilns?

John Hinton-Barber, ERCO Worldwide
Wednesday, November 10
8:30am - 10:00am
Session 21: Evaporator Optimization

       Session Chair: Chris Verrill, International Paper


Black Liquor Evaporators Upgrade – How Many Effects?

James Cantrell, Jacobs Engineering

Causes of Solid Residue Precipitated from Stripped Condensates

Torsten Meyer, University of Toronto

Preventing Fouling and Increasing Energy Efficiency in Evaporators with Software-Guided Power Ultrasound

Esteban Soto, Altum Technologies

10:30am - 12:00pm

Session 22: Liquor Cycle Efficiency and Improvements

     Session Chair: Thanh Trung, FITNIR Analyzers Inc.


Evaluating the Effect of Recovery Boiler Operation on Dregs Behavior Using Multivariate Data Analysis

Elizabeth Maggs, University of Toronto

Green Liquor Clarification Improvement Utilizing Existing Tank and Vessel in Mills

Robert Carlström, Valmet Paper AB

Chemical Recovery and Recausticizing Improvements: Increase White Liquor Production

 Alex Moline, Domtar