Panel Discussions

November 5 - 8, 2023 | Atlanta, Georgia

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Panel Discussions


Tuesday, November 1
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session 10: Making Packaging Compatible with Paper Recycling

A working group has been formed to develop a recyclability test method for packaging materials. The ultimate goal is to have it approved as a TAPPI test method. During this panel, an update on the project will be given, which will be followed by a question and answer session. The panel members will provide details on how individuals and companies can get involved in this effort.


Moderator: Carl Houtman, USDA, Forest Products Lab



Colleen Walker, University of Maine

Ashok Ghosh, WestRock

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session 18: Lime Kiln Maintenance

The lime kiln is often forgotten as a critical piece of kraft mill operations until it is down. With supply chain issues and labor shortages, it has become increasingly important to pay attention to the kiln and other areas of the mill to prevent unanticipated expenses associated with unplanned outages. Several years ago, recognizing the situatioin, the TAPPI Lime Kiln Recaust Subcommittee initiated a series of panel discussions around key topics for maintenance of lime kilns. Past panel discussions have focused on burners along with the selection and installation of refractories. The discussion continues this year with a panel of 3 industry experts giving short presentations on kiln alignment, maintenance of product coolers, and maintenance of external mud dryers and dust cyclones. These presentations will be followed by a group Q&A session with the experts. Please bring your questions and share your experience at this session.


Moderator Co-Chairs: Glenn Hanson, Metso Outotec and J. Peter Gorog, Houghton Cascade Holdings, LLC 



Andrew Knouse, Metso Outotec
"Proper Kiln Alignment for Sustainable/Reliable Performance"


Palle Hansen, Valmet
"Comparison of Known Coolers for Lime Kilns in the Pulp and Paper Industry, The Differences in Operation Economy and Main Maintenance Tasks"


Melissa Reddinger, Andritz
"Lime Mudd Dryers & Cyclones"

Wednesday, November 2


10:30am - 1200pm

Session 25: PFAS Issues Facing the Industry

PFAS are a chemical class of over 10,000 individual compounds manufactured for industrial and commercial applications since the late 1940s.  The regulatory and technical landscape surrounding PFAS is continually expanding with USEPA and state regulatory entities developing new regulations and guidance seemingly monthly.  Currently, the individual states which have pulp and paper operations are in various stages of development of their regulatory framework.  Analytical methodology exists to analyze various environmental matrices (soil, water, etc.) for individual PFAS compounds at the parts per trillion concentrations which meet the regulatory criteria for most media but is not sensitive enough to meet some of the most recently developed draft health advisory levels for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) in drinking water.  In addition, popular press and social media is replete with narratives on the risks of “forever chemicals” with a focus on PFAS compounds.  In this session there will be three speakers discussing three critical aspects of PFAS as it pertains to the Pulp and Paper Industry.


Moderator: Dan Curry, TRC



Cathy Swanson, Purolite, an Ecolab Company

Giffe Johnson, NCASI
"PFAS: Relevance to Pulp and Paper"

Elizabeth Denly, TRC