November 2 - 4, 2020 | Virtual

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Robert (Danny) Haynes



The Usefulness of Two-Side ERIC Buchner Handsheets for Deinking Agent Development

Session 13  •  November 3  •  1:30pm - 3:00pm

In the recent view of the TAPPI Official Test Method T 567, “Determination of effective residual ink concentration (ERIC) by infrared reflectance measurement," it was noted that the method requires a uniform ink distribution, formation, and grammage in all three dimensions thus making the TAPPI T 218, “Forming Handsheets for Reflectance Testing of Pulp (Büchner Funnel Procedure),” not effective for ERIC analysis. Yet, TAPPI T 218 was the common procedure for preparation of handsheets at mill and lab scale.

This presentation will discuss how the two-sidedness or non-uniform ink distribution of ink can be useful in evaluating and selecting deinking agents for newsprint deinking. Attendees will gain insight into what has been seen in mill settings and in development of deinking agents at lab scale.


Recycling Track Schedule

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Tuesday, November 3
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Session 13: Recycling

Session Chair: Marty Daniels, Thiele Kaolin Company


The Usefulness of Two-Side ERIC Buchner Handsheets for Deinking Agent Development

Robert (Danny) Haynes

Determination of Vegetable Oil in Recycled Paper

Yao Ntifafa, Maria Szajda-Lam, Ashok Ghosh, Peter Hart, WestRock
      Incorporation of Post-Consumer Pizza Boxes in the Recovered Fiber Stream: Impacts of Grease on Finished Product Quality
Ashok Ghosh, Peter W. Hart, Adele Panek, Tran Nguyen, Meredith DooleyWestRock
Tuesday, November 3
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Session 20: State of the Recycling Market

Session Chair: Cesar Basilio, Thiele Kaolin Company


How the US Paperboard Industry Will Solve the Country's Recycling Crisis

Bill Moore, Moore & Associates